How to become a Successful Dental Practice with good profits

My Name is Shakthi and i have worked with multiple dental offices offering them Multiple billing Services at a very affordable price and best support.
I wanted to share few of my best strategies and ideas to you and your practice which might help you a lot !

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I have seen Many Dental Offices failing because of Poor Manpower Management and Money Management and their owners don’t even know or understands why they have failed.

Always remember! Success will never come from luck.


How To be a very Successful Practice and be successful in Insurance Billing here are few things you should know as a practice owner :

  1. Know what’s needed legally for your practice to function properly without any interruptions.
  2. Don’t Hesitate to spend on hiring skilled labor Same time make sure they are really skilled doing the job (Don’t trust their Profile or Curriculum Vitae, always have a long one on one interview and understand them, Also look into their previous experience information on how long they have stayed with their previous employer that will help you to judge how long they can stay with you)
  3. Have a proper money management plan of your own don’t buy branded things or branded services
  4. Don’t Spend on multiple software’s thinking that will help your practice growth and don’t listen to what the software company’s sales person tells you ” Trust me” They are really good at selling and they will make you believe that you need their software. Always hear it from your friends or try yourself and see if its user friendly and do you really need it.
  5. Have multiple teams and be very organized in who is taking care of what and who is accountable for what. List out all the items from Patient Phone call for fixing appointment till Patient Walks out after treatment and reschedule follow-ups and assign it to respective team members. using this list even If you have a small practice your staffs will know what all they need to focus if incase they are new.
  6. Always Appreciate and provide incentives to your employees not as an salary or wages but like a coupon or a cash voucher or a team outing this will keep them energetic they wont think of quitting.
  7. Make sure to be contract with all insurance this will allow you to get EFT payments and the money flow will be fast.
  8. Dealing with Insurance Billing is always complex so follow the steps below
  • Hire Multiple and Dedicate Employees for each Task don’t have only one employee handling all your work, Remember Always have a back-up since no one is permanent.

If you are not so strong in Hiring people its always better to hire a billing company like us as we can be very cost efficient, permanent and since we are service providers we will have multiple employees all the time working for you and there will not be any interruption in claims getting processed

We are always a permanent Solution for your insurance Billing at an affordable cost!
  • Divide the Insurance teams into 5
    a. Insurance Eligibility Verification Team
    b. Claims Submission Team
    c. Accounts Receivables Team
    d. Collections Team
    e. Credentialing
    If your practice is small (like 10 patients a day) one or two People can Handle the above work
    If you have a Medium or Big Practice always go for good management system following various protocols and assigning teams and team members on handling different actions, this limits the work on each member and you will know who is responsible for what which will eventually higher your collections .
If you are running on a budget and still want multiple teams to handle your work you can Hire us! 

  • Make sure you Verify all Insurance Patient’s Eligibility before the Patient walk in for a treatment this will allow you to know what is covered and what is not so that you can bill the patient in upfront, an easy way to do this is always remember to have a Patient form when fixing appointment over the phone write down or type down all needed information’s from patient including the patient insurance information this will help you to get the insurance plan verified properly before the patient walks in. You can hire us if you need large and affordable man power.

  • Keep the patient informed clearly of the cost of the services and the breakdowns in case if their plan did not pay for some reason let them know in upfront they will have to take care of that this will allow us to easily collect it from patient if plan does not pay

Make sure to get all needed Dental Records like scans, Xray’s and etc. before filing the claim to insurance

Send the claims to insurance and follow on it within 30 days.

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