Dental Insurance Verification Monthly Cost Calculator

Hello Doctors Welcome to the most affordable and best Dental Insurance Verification Company! Check out our Dental Insurance Verification monthly cost calculator below

Affordable Dental Verification Price Packages

The Below Price is if we are doing your Patient account addition and editing on your PMS software

Choose your package and calculate your monthly spends below

Package 1

1 – 25 verifications per month


Package 2

26 – 75 verifications per month


Package 3

76 – 100 verifications per month


Package 4

100 + verifications per month

Price per Verification

Regular verification

PPO Detailed Form – $3.80

PPO Short Form – $2.50

Medicaid/HMO – $1.20

Failed/Inactive – $0.50


Per Verification- $2.50 + Regular Verification rates depending on form type(Verified in 2 hours from requested)

Calculate your Monthly Spends below

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