Free and Best Dental Narratives for Dental Codes

Dental Narrative

Dental Narratives for Dental Codes

Get Free Dental Narratives for Dental Codes: Access them Here!

Hello Dentist! Here are free and best dental narratives for most of the dental codes you are looking for Click here or below to access Free narratives

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How to get Your claims paid faster with the right Dental Narrative for your Practice

Did you know normally a dental claim can get paid in just 10-15 business days ,

And with Right Narratives and right attachments you will never get a denied claim for additional info.

Always Remember to add Narratives and needed Attachments for any Dental service code higher than D2300

Please Visit the above page and learn few tricks on how to submit claims successfully to insurance and get paid without rejections in clearing house or Denied by insurance

These Narratives are just a sample templates for you to get some help with sending claims, We do not guarantee anything by this but just trying to help you over when you don’t have enough info from clinical notes, However always check with your owner before implementing anything you find here.

Narratives and Attachments

  • Always Remember to have a short and clear Narrative not exceeding 40 words/characters explaining in short why there is a need for this procedure
  • Make sure to add any attachment like Xray’s relevant to procedure (Add at least one Xray available)
  • Before billing out a claim via PMS software make sure that the insurance accepts electronic ATTACHMENTS and you have a proper clearing house software which cross checks for errors and remember to fix it.

Lets Get Rolling!

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